For a lady of the house, the kitchen holds a special place in her heart. This is where she cooks for her loved ones, enjoys a leisurely cup of coffee, or even shares a heart to a heart with a friend. The kitchen certainly has multi-functional characteristics. With that said, it perhaps makes sense to spruce up your kitchen and add some color to its otherwise mundane existence. In short – make your kitchen more interesting!

BacksplashThere are different ways that one can add color to the kitchen. Other than painting the entire kitchen, which only restricts you to using a single color, a more open palate is the kitchen backsplash. In common parlance, kitchen backsplash is a wall cover that is installed behind the range or sinks to keep the wall dry and typically making it easy to clean. Culinary adventures often require the use of different kinds of ingredients as well as methods. This often results in the wall getting greasy and dirty. Therefore instead of having oil or grease spluttered wall, it makes sense to have a backsplash that is easy to maintain, as well as add color to the kitchen. There are different innovative ideas – spiked up with your imagination – that can be incorporated to make the backsplash come alive.

Types of Backsplash

1. Tiles

    They are perhaps the most convenient and price effective material that can be used to do up the kitchen backsplash. In addition, they can be easily cleaned only to be left as shiny as ever. One can use different colors and patterns and juxtapose them in a way to form a pattern. Use it like a mosaic and an abstract design will evolve giving it a contemporary look. They must be installed by a professional and be strong enough to withstand the temperature variations in the kitchen.

2. Faux Stone
Give it a touch of class or a more Venetian appeal with a stone finished backsplash. They are also easy to clean, beautiful looking, and are also long lasting.

3. Laminate
Lamination is also a great idea, where different designs can be digitally incorporated into the lamination to form a design of your choice.

4. Metal
Metal sheets can be used creatively. The metal sheets can be etched or stamped to give your kitchen a contemporary, clean and a shiny look. It also goes well with the other metal finish of your appliances and therefore fits in seamlessly.

5. Blackboard Style
There is no limit to creativity. For those living in small spaces, a kitchen backsplash can be converted into notice board or a blackboard, where important to dos and notes can be jotted down. It is easy to install and will certainly not go unnoticed. Go a step further and convert it to a magnetic blackboard, where you can attach things.

The sky is the limit when it comes to deciding on your kitchen backsplash. It is a great way to remodel, add color and cheer to an otherwise dull and lifeless space.