Fireplace remodelThe one feature that is undeniably the most important one in your home during the cold winter months is a fireplace. While it adds to the look and ambience during the summer months, it certainly is a necessity during those long cold winters. What a wonderful feeling to be wrapped up in your favorite blanket and lounge in front of the fireplace with its warm amber glow surrounding and cocooning you in its warmth.

Given its use, perhaps it is a good option to have it remodeled when not in use. Like other features of the house, a fireplace can also be updated and made to look modern and contemporary. Based on the décor of your room one can think of remodeling the fireplace. It can be remodeled keeping all the safety and the esthetic factors in mind.

Keep the Budget in Mind

To begin with, one has to consider thinking of the budget one has in mind before going ahead with the remodeling plans. If you want to replace the conservative fireplace with a no hassle switch operated one, one would have to replace that with electric ones that add a whole new paradigm. On the other hand, if you want to redo the look keeping the basic features the same, a complete remodeling of the mantel, paint and structure will certainly give it a new look. Of course whatever you choose to do would depend upon your own personal preference and style.

Determine the Size of the Project

It would be an interesting concept if you plan to remodel it yourself. On the other hand, if it entails a structural change one should perhaps hand over the job to a professional who know the nuances of breaking down and rebuilding a new structure, which leads to a more detailed remodeling. In this case the entire new structure can be made with a new design. It can be given a straight lined contemporary look or a heavy and an ornate Victorian style.

Decide on the Design

It is true that fireplaces are a room’s attraction and add a look to your room. Given its appearance it can distinguish a room as contemporary or more of the classical one. The other two important aspects are working on the texture and the color of the fireplace. Even if you want to save on expenses of replacing the structure, you could perhaps consider redefining it with a change in the texture and the color.

The texture can be a solid base, or one that can be textured by using sponge or other material. Sometimes wood and other material in the form of backsplash can be added to the mantel to give it an enhanced appeal. Add a touch of color to give it a new dimension too. You can consider painting it the same color as that of your room to create the illusion of space, or give it a contrasting color for it to stand out and in turn draw attention.