Historic Restoration In Phoenix, AZ

In keeping with our oath of attention to detail Messina is capable of also historical restoration. We are aware of the specific aspects of restoring a home that is defined by its historic status. Understanding this idea, we also know that having chosen to live in a historic home that its identity is one that should be preserved.

Why Restore A Historic Home?

Well, there is more than one answer, but many people choose to do so because modern appliances and styles work and fit them better. As comforting or cozy as an old home may be, it sometimes just doesn’t cut it with your modern taste. Historical restorations can be tricky for some, but at Messina we are well aware of the subtleties that go into it. With the intent to only enhance, not replace, the identity of your home we build a solid foundation for a restoration.

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Historical Restoration Process

Being aware of the methods and standards to keep your home’s identity is where we start. From there we will work with you to design a new style to fit your home. One of the many benefits to restoring your historical home is saving money in the long run. While you obviously have to pay for a restoration, the money you save on utilizing new, more efficient appliances will outlast the expenses. Old toilets, pipes, showers/baths, electrically related issues, and even windows, wall, and floor material can all effect energy and water consumption in your home. In addition, older homes were not built in consideration to the standards and practices of today; therefore they unfortunately don’t always work the best despite their historical value.

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Why Choose Messina Renovations?

By choosing Messina to restore your historical home, you are choosing an attention to detail that goes above and beyond. Couple this with a personal and warm demeanor and the freedom to customize your design and you can’t loose with us!

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Historical Restoration December 15, 2011