Crown Molding Close-upThere are many additions and pieces that you can add to your home during a remodel. When people typically remodel they focus on larger more complex areas such as entire rooms, walls, or design related aspects. One thing that often comes later in a renovation is details. There are many aspects of each area of remodeling that are fine tuned to perfection to fit the desires of the owner. One of these aspects that many people are utilizing more and more is crown molding.

Crown molding has been around for quite some time and it is likely you have seen it in both domestic (homes) and urban architecture. Crown molding is the process of fitting a series of moldings together so that they gradually flare out into a shape. They can be a variety of shapes but the most common are rounded or rectangular.

Crown Molding RoomCrown molding is most commonly done at the top of walls where they meet the ceiling. When this is done it adds a very graceful and dynamic image of the wall-to-ceiling relationship and makes a home look fantastic. Many people are choosing to have crown molding done in their homes because this seemingly small aspect can add an entirely new image to your home. During your renovation or remodel consider crown molding for your home and see why this is so popular.